Clever Storage Solutions Buyers Will Appreciate

Dated: July 25 2022

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Storage Solutions Buyers Will Love - Watson Realty

Extra storage is always a plus. No matter how big or small your home is, there's always a need for more places to stash stuff. If you're looking to add your home to the list of Bakersfield homes for sale, you should know that storage can attract or put off buyers, depending on what you have. It's therefore critical to highlight your home's storage features or come with some creative solutions if you're lacking storage space. Our agents share these clever storage solutions that will make your home more appealing to buyers.

  • Make Use of Unused Space
    Those nooks and crannies, irregular walls, and unused corners are possible options for creating more storage space. For instance, you can transform an empty corner of the room or space under a bay window into useful built-in storage that will get buyers' attention. Add a bench under a window to create a cozy seating area and get plenty of room for stashing your books and other items. In the kitchen, you can add plinth drawers underneath cabinets for additional storage.

  • Give the Pantry Some TLC
    Having a built-in pantry for storing canned goods and other non-perishables can be a really attractive asset to buyers. However, most pantries come with few built-in shelves, resulting in cluttered or insufficient storage space. Consider adding extra shelving to maximize space. If you have this little space between cabinets and appliances, adding a roll-out pantry is a creative storage solution. The roll-out pantry is easy to use and your items will be stored away from light and from view.

  • Improve Your Laundry Room
    Whether you enjoy doing laundry or it's your least favorite chore, it has to be done. But most laundry rooms don't have enough storage solutions to store essential items. This may turn off buyers who want to have serene and organized laundry rooms. Fix that by hanging shelves and a pegboard wall to free up floor spaces for mops, brooms, and vacuum cleaners. You can also install a pull-down drying rack, bring in some built-ins, expand floating shelves across an entire wall, and add more hanging bars. Put the dryer on a pedestal and add a large drawer underneath to create room for laundry necessities.

  • Tackle the Home's Triangle
    With a little creativity, the compact area beneath your staircase can be transformed into a functional storage space buyers will love. Turn this space into a playroom or a custom office area and add a few shelves to store items. You can also install sliding stair drawers to hide unsightly items. If you have limited kitchen space, you can find a great storage area under the stairs. Just add rolling drawers and a few floating shelves to store your goods.

  • Utilize Outdoor Space
    Homebuyers also consider outdoor storage solutions. Sheds and garages are great storage spaces, so you may want to add in built-in shelving units or hooks to store DIY equipment, tools, gadgets, and other less-than-attractive supplies. If you have some extra space around your deck, you can create a spot for storing wood or gardening equipment. Another smart way to maximize outdoor storage space is by using benches. The seating looks normal, but you can lift it up to reveal hidden storage inside.

  • Think Vertically
    When it comes to storage space, most homeowners don't think about the unused space above their heads. Higher spaces provide a great place to store holiday, worn, little-used, and out-of-season items. Think of adding storage cupboards or shelving higher up and then invest in a sturdy ladder so you can reach those areas.

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Clever Storage Solutions Buyers Will Appreciate

Extra storage is always a plus. No matter how big or small your home is, there's always a need for more places to stash stuff. If you're looking to add your home to the list of Bakersfield homes for

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