Staging a Vacant Home to Sell

Dated: June 1 2022

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Staging an Empty House - Watson Realty

Depending on a home seller's personal schedule and individual needs, they may find themselves in a situation where they need to sell and stage a vacant home. Perhaps they needed to quickly move to their new home, or maybe the property was a rental and the tenant recently vacated the space. 

Our agents know that staging a vacant home poses some unique challenges, but it also provides a few advantages. For example, it's often much easier to keep a vacant home clean than one that's owner-occupied. You don't have to worry about whisking away pets and children when it's time for a showing or open house. Here are some staging tips to follow to maximize the potential of a vacant home.

  1. Don't Leave the Home Empty
    Even though it's easier to show an open home, homes tend to sell quickly when buyers can envision themselves in the space. Home staging helps your buyer see how they can use different rooms in your home. Empty rooms also look smaller than those with furnishings and home decor. Good staging doesn't require a lot of furniture or accessories. Instead, the focus should be on using a few pieces to set up the space and attract the buyer's attention to the room's most attractive characteristics. 

  1. Create a Positive First Impression with Potential Buyers
    Sellers with Bakersfield homes for sale only have one opportunity to create a positive first impression with potential homebuyers. Make sure that your home staging provides potential buyers with a stellar introduction. See that the home feels occupied and inviting. You might utilize an automated scent release system with a neutral scent so that a pleasant aroma greets prospective buyers. Check that your entryway boasts attractive staging, like a hall tree or foyer table with a potted plant, that makes it a space buyers would love to come home to each day. 

  1. Add Emotional Appeal to the Home
    Buyers who form an emotional attachment to a home are likely to pay more for the property. Ensure that your home staging encourages your buyers to forge an emotional connection with the home. For example, you might use layers of different textures to encourage your buyers to view your home as a cozy space where they can have memorable family gatherings. Accomplish this with a stylish couch, a warm throw, and a couple of soft throw pillows. Or, add a few accessories to your bathroom, like fluffy towels, coordinating accessories, and fresh flowers, to transform it into a soothing oasis that any potential buyer will love.

  1. Let Your Home Decor Do Double Duty
    Another more practical benefit of staging a vacant home is that thieves, squatters, and other potentially unscrupulous individuals are less likely to enter a home that appears to be occupied. Put your lamps and lighting on timers so that the property is well-lit and so that it looks like someone is still living in the home.

  1. Remember to Stage Your Home's Outside Areas
    Even homeowners selling occupied homes frequently forget about their outside spaces when selling their properties. However, your outside areas are often one of the first things potential buyers see when they tour your property. Make sure that you arrange to keep your lawn mowed and your flower gardens pristine, even when you're away from the property. If you have a deck or porch, see that you maximize its potential. A small conversation set and a few potted flowers enable buyers to envision the possibilities of your home's outdoor locations. 

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